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MASTEY Traité Sulfate-Free Cream Shampoo MASTEY Traite Sulfate-Free Cream Shampoo

Traite’s original cleansing concept is powered by a pure hydrating cream that helps prevent dryness during shampooing. Replenishes vital nutrients the hair and scalp need to maintain a healthy structural identity.

Price: $12.00
MASTEY Traité Sulfate-Free Cream Shampoo MASTEY Moisturee Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner

Moisturée intensive moisturizing conditioner replenishes essential moisture lost to thermal styling and chemical treatments. Light and oil-free, Mastey's exclusive proprietary blend of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) is the most natural of moisturizers.

Price: $17.00
MASTEY Frehair Daily Conditioner Detangler MASTEY Frehair Daily Conditioner Detangler

Frehair is the ideal daily conditioner for damaged hair. Its lightweight texturizing formula helps to eliminate tangles and control flyaway and static charges. Improves hair elasticity and helps smooth the hair cuticle for easy combing and styling, leaving hair instantly supple and manageable.

Price: $12.00
MASTEY HC Formula+B5 Leave-In Hair Mender MASTEY HC Formula + B5 Leave-In Hair Mender

HC Formula+B5 is an exclusive revitalizing hair mender and cuticle reinforcing treatment. Helps adjust hair’s pH, closes the hair cuticle after hair coloring, and neutralizes ammonia residue left in hair from hair color. Reduces hair splitting, and adds immediate strength.

Price: $12.00