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Preventing the lines of time

SilcSkin facial pads were designed to reduce existing wrinkles and expression lines and prevent new ones from forming.

Worn while sleeping, the pads relax and retrain the facial muscles – softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Before and After Using SilcSkin Facial Pads

SilcSkin Facial Pads are made of 100% clear medical grade silicone.

No additives, fillers, latex or adhesives are used.

Pads may be washed without losing their adhesive quality.

Pads usually last 30 days depending on usage time and skin conditions.



Photos are not re-touched. Same model & lighting - a few days apart. These pads work!
Photographer - Chuck Goodenough

Decollette Pads are reusable, washable, 5.5 x 5 inch, self-adhesive pads that are designed to correct and prevent chest wrinkles caused by sleeping on your side and stomach, sun damage and aging.

Decollette Pads prevent the delicate skin that is your decolletage from forming creases while you sleep on your side and stomach. The silicone Decollette Pad is soft and flexible enough to allow your skin to move naturally while you move around at night - but firm enough to keep the creases from forming into chest wrinkles. Keeping your decolletage looking more youthful, smooth and supple.

With the Decollette Pad in place, your decolletage is staying flat and smooth. Wrinkles that already existed begin to fade away, as they're no longer being recreated. And, at the same time new chest wrinkles are being prevented. The silicone component of the pad provides a very healing quality that helps erase the stubborn chest wrinkles that have developed over the years. Silicone repairs and heals the skin, allowing deep chest wrinkles to eventually plump up and fill in providing a youthful, smooth appearance. The chest wrinkles will stay away with continued use of the Decollette Pad. An anti-aging product that really works.

You may ask, what sets the Decollette Pad apart from alternative medical procedures?
Well, Decollette Pads discourage new wrinkles without chemicals and without huge expensive treatments. They are very subtle and discreet to wear anytime of day - and comfortable! The Pad is made of 100% medical grade silicone. It has no allergy causing latex, urethanes, or adhesives. It is non-transdermal, which means nothing is absorbed by your skin.

Simply apply the reusable Decollette Pad at bedtime to wear while you sleep, or apply for only 20-60 minutes during the day. One pad lasts approximately 30-60 days depending on frequency of use.

The Decollette Pads were designed by two-time Emmy Award winning, Hollywood Makeup Artist, Camille Calvet - who realized that the Chest area was often overlooked in the fight against anti-aging and wrinkles.

Designer & 2x Emmy Award
Winning Make-up Artist
Camille Calvet