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HydroBrush Liquid Dispensing Brush ROOTS HYDROBRUSH Liquid Hair Treatment Dispensing Brush

It's never been easier to apply hair treatments evenly where they belong – on your scalp. Stop using messy foams, droppers, and sprayers that waste product.

Feel good applying your treatment with the uni-molded, premium crafted Hydrobrush.

Use the HydroBrush in salon, bathroom, bedroom, car, at your desk or anywhere you wish!

Price: $39.95
ROOTS SPARK Hair Growth Stimulating Scalp Nourishing Treatment ROOTS SPARK Hair Stimulation Scalp Nourishing Treatment

Skincare for your Hair: a leave-on treatment that supports hair optimization, while nourishing the skin tissues supporting hair follicle health, growth and regeneration.

Roots Spark is one of the first products of its kind to contain multiple ingredients which create an optimal environment for your scalp and hair.

Using NEOhair technology, the active ingredients are waterproof after a few hours.

Price: $29.95