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Noreva IKLEN+ Anti-Dark Spot Corrector Serum Noreva IKLEN+ Anti-Dark Spot Corrector Serum

Corrects and Lightens Brown Spots + Anti-Aging Active Ingredients

Active complex fades away brown marks caused by abnormal pigmentation.
Rucinol inhibits melanin production and spots from developing.
Invisible, fragrance-free formula is easily applied, tolerated and absorbed by skin.
New improved formula "Depigmentant & Anti-Age" Serum

30 ml pump

Price: $88.00

To erase the brown spots and the marks of time

Exposures to the sun, age, pregnancy... We all can be prone to the appearance of brown spots.

Iklen, to act against the spots and to prevent their appearance, but also against the other signs of photoageing.

For skin without a spot, clear and bright.
Merck Iklen is now Noreva Iklen
Merck Iklen - Noreva Acquisition