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Recommended by Beauty Director of IN STYLE Magazine

Gloves in a Bottle is greaseless, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and completely nontoxic, and does not wash off.
Gloves in a Bottle is the most effective skin protectant of its kind for dry, red or irritated skin. Gloves in a Bottle is used daily by a wide range of professionals.

How does Gloves in a Bottle work? The soothing lotion rapidly absorbs into the outer layer of skin to form a barrier that helps prevent water and irritants (cleaners, detergents, paint and thinners, cement, solvents, gasoline, gardening chemicals, etc.) from penetrating the skin. The skin is still able to breathe and retain natural moisture and oils.

Skin Before and After Gloves In A Bottle

Instead of attempting to replace natural oils, Gloves In A Bottle forms a bond with the skin that works like an invisible pair of gloves. This invisible pair of gloves helps reduce the natural oil and moisture loss allowing the skin to heal itself. Gloves In A Bottle helps the outer layer of skin to keep its natural oils and moisturizers that protect the deeper layers of skin, leaving the skin soft and supple.

Gloves In A Bottle keeps the outer layer of skin functioning so well that it can breathe and perspire naturally. Because Gloves In A Bottle becomes part of the outer layer of skin itself, it doesn't wash off like conventional lotions. It comes off naturally and gradually with exfoliating skin cells. For continued protection, just reapply every 4 to 12 hours.