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FILORGA TIME-FILLER MAT Wrinkles + Imperfections Correction Cream
FILORGA TIME-FILLER MAT Wrinkles + Imperfections Correction Cream

Correction Cream
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FILORGA TIME-FILLER MAT perfecting skin care product corrects wrinkles and imperfections, recreating the quality of perfect skin.

Wrinkles: a botox-like tripeptide relaxes the features for a younger-looking face. In addition, the formulation contains a potent peptide to stimulate hyaluronic acid and collagen synthesis for a visible filling effect.

Pores: an active ingredient obtained from a Greek tree reduces pore-size after 14 days of use whilst treating the skin and preventing the development of residual imperfections. Soft focus ingredients mask the pores and smooth skin texture immediately.

Shine: zinc pidolate combined with plant extracts has a mattifying effect for shine control.

After just 14 days, skin is mattified with 30% less sebum. The reduction in the appearance of wrinkles is spectacular: crows feet are reduced by 25% and forehead lines by 18%*.
* Instrumental measurement - 25 women - 15 days use; day and night.

The first cosmetics directly inspired by aesthetic medicine


Born from the coming-together of two worlds: cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, MEDI-COSMETIQUE FILORGA combines the radical efficiency of aesthetic techniques with the pleasure of a beauty treatment. FILORGA offers cosmetic solutions inspired by active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, NCTF ...) and techniques used in medical practices (peeling, injections, mesotherapy).

All our anti-aging creams contain active ingredients identical to those used in medical practices:
- Hyaluronic acid, typically present in our injectables
- NCTF, our exclusive formula identical to the one injected in mesotherapy

This exclusive core formula is encapsulated inside Chronospheres, microscopic vectors, which are the fruit of a discovery patented by the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research). Chronospheres ensure optimum impregnation of different skin layers and high diffusion capacity, including in the dermis.

Commonly used to fill wrinkles in cosmetic medical practices, hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin that plays a major role in the aging process and in maintaining skin hydration.

Our cosmetic hyaluronic acid has a molecular weight comparable to the one injected (1.4 million daltons). With very low protein, endotoxin and heavy metal residual content, it is as pure as the injectable hyaluronic acid to guarantee:
- Optimal absorption and bioavailability.
- Excellent affinity and very good skin tolerance.

Your skin can therefore benefit from its exceptional moisturising, healing and re-plumping properties, with fast and long lasting results.

Result: our treatments allow us to fight effectively against endogenous hyaluronic acid deficiency due to skin aging (- 6% every 10 years).

FILORGA NCTF In the injectable form, the components of this exclusive poly-revitalising solution work in synergy for a genuine restructuring of the skin tissue, by targeting all parameters of skin aging. Its formula designed to boost the various reactions of the extracellular matrix combine:

12 vitamins: stimulate the vital functions of cells
23 amino acids: encourage the production of elastin and collagen
6 coenzymes: catalyse tissue biochemical reactions
5 nucleic bases: stimulate cellular communication
6 minerals: compensate for skin deficiencies
1 antioxidant: reduces the synthesis of free radicals

Result: NCTF optimises all cutaneous biochemical mechanisms.

Tested in vitro and in vivo in its injectable form, NCTF has demonstrated its poly-revitalising effectiveness and is used by worldwide mesotherapy leading experts:
cell stimulation (fibroblasts) +147%*
protection against free radicals +90%*
collagen redensification +256% *
reduced tissue stiffening +366% *

*series of studies conducted by an independent laboratory in molecular and cellular pharmacology research

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