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FILORGA SKIN-STRUCTURE Firmness Redefinition Serum
FILORGA SKIN-STRUCTURE Firmness Redefinition Serum

FILORGA SKIN-STRUCTURE Firmness Redefinition Serum
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With its triple-action formula, FILORGA SKIN-STRUCTURE serum tautens facial contours, while restoring the structure and density of youthful skin.

Firmness: a blend of NCTFR and a peptide collagen acid boosts the production of skin support fibres.

Volume: a structure-restoring active ingredient targets the cells responsible for increasing density, which visibly plumps up areas of the face that appear hollow.

Visible lift: an active ingredient with an elastic effect instantly tightens the skin structure and redefines facial contours. With its lightweight texture, the serum is quickly absorbed, leaving behind more clearly defined contours and visibly firmer skin.


The first cosmetics directly inspired by aesthetic medicine

Each Cosmesotherapie treatment is stamped with Filorga's medical expertise, materialised in an exclusive core formula: NCTF , a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid that hydrates and regenerates tissues, and a poly-revitalising complex of active ingredients:

12 vitamins stimulate the vital functions of cells
23 amino acids stimulate the construction of elastin & collagen
6 coenzymes catalyse the bio-chemical reactions of tissues
5 nucleic bases activate cell communication
6 minerals overcome skin deficiencies
1 anti-oxidant capture free radicals

The efficiency of mesotherapy combined with the precision of the cosmetics

The NCTF Chronospheres
Identical to the formula injected in anti-aging mesotherapy**, NCTF , genuine red thread of the line, is incorporated in each treatment, within the Chronospheres.
These multi-layered microscopic spheres transport the ingredients to the centre of the skin and liberate them progressively. Originating from a discovery patented by the CNRS [FrenchNational Centre for Scientific Research], these spheres have been developed exclusively for Filorga . By breaking down progressively, Chronospheres gradually diffuse into the tissues for a precise and long lasting anti-ageing efficiency:

cellular energizing (fibroblasts), (+147%)***
protection against free radicals, (+90%)***
collagen redensification, (+256%)***
tissue stiffening retardation. (+366%)***

*Hydrate and redensify the skin.
**medical treatment consisting of intradermal micro-injections of poly-revitalising substances.
***series of studies conducted by an independent research laboratory specialised in molecular and cellular pharmacology

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