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VexPro AirPhysics Ergonomic Hair Dryer VexPro AirPhysics Ergonomic Hair Dryer

Built by a stylist and salon owner with over 32 years of experience
Lightweight ergonomic design
ReadyMode turns on the AirPhysics automatically
Freestanding design allows drying hands-free
50 mph air flow
1500 watts
9ft cord

Price: $249.95
Sale Price: $199.95
You save $50.00!
VexPro AirPhysics - The Diffuser VexPro AirPhysics - The Diffuser

An attachment to AirPhysics. Used for curly or wavy hair. Short hair, place diffuser at scalp and stir in small circular motion giving you texture and lift. Medium to long hair, place hair against the diffuser cup your hand so hair is between the diffuser and hand, Repeat to achieve soft curl that has volume and body without frizz.

Price: $24.95

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